Landlord/Tenants and Eviction

Final Notice 175x175

You as a landlord or property owner may be faced with the need to terminate your tenant’s lease and request an eviction. Your request is termed an “unlawful detainer” under California law. You have the right …

Lease Drafting
Rental Agreements 175x175

Your leased or rented residential or commercial real estate should be working for you. But you need to insure that the terms of your lease agreement protect you while keeping your property marketable…

Problem Tenants
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Your choice of tenants can sometimes bring problems when the tenants no longer follow the lease or rental agreement. Your situation does not, however, have to cause a loss of the tenant or an eviction. You can …

50 365 Entry 175x175

You may have an extra room in your home and want to rent it out for extra income. You can greatly simplify your landlord arrangement using a lodging agreement with your lodger. You avoid the …

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