Initial Consulation Policy

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Effective 1/07/2017

We offer an initial 30-minute free consultation in our offices. Free telephone consultations are not available. Consultations are brief meetings giving you the opportunity to describe your issues and your goals and to meet the attorney. The goal is for you and I to discuss what you are getting yourself into, our fees and costs, and for us both to decide if we want to move forward with an engagement agreement.

An initial consultation will more than likely not resolve your issue for you. If it were that simple, you probably would not be looking for an attorney in the first place. Nor can we promise nor offer to do so.

You should prepare for your consultation by completing any questionnaires we send, and bring all pertinent papers with you. A half-hour passes quite quickly.

If you wish to continue the initial consultation beyond the initial half hour, we bill any additional time at our normal hourly rates.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your issues and needs and describe the best possible service we can provide.