Why Us

Question Mark bwExperience & Competence

You want representation by an attorney with not only a decade of experience but with more than 35 years as a businessman and problem solver. You want someone who has served hundreds of individuals and families helping them to protect everything that’s important to them: your family, your business, your home, and your legacy. I am that attorney.

You Are Not Like Anyone Else

You are not a cookie-cutter cut-out.  You want to be treated with the respect and commitment that you deserve as a unique human being. You want to be heard and you want your goals to be understood.  I will listen and work with you to find your resolution.


You need and want to not only be kept apprised, but to have the necessary information given to you without legal-ese or overwhelming and complicated language. You need to be able to understand the situation and make the right decisions at the right time.  I can make the complex and difficult understandable and be your guide.

Real World Solutions

You want a planner, a fighter, a negotiator, and a counselor. You need someone with the training and experience in finding the right solution to fit your specific needs. You need something that will work in the real world.  Let me bring real life skills and real solutions to your problems.